Earring Closures Explained

Earring Closures Explained

Freshie & Zero Earring Closures Explained

Have you ever stopped to think about why you love a certain pair of earrings so much? Chances are, your love for them has something to do with their overall style and comfort. The aesthetic of the earring really leans on our personal style, but the comfort may very well be due to the type of closure! 

Earring Closures Explained

We use two distinct types of closures here at Freshie & Zero. You'll find a lever back or 'omega back' on virtually all of our earrings. This includes the Simple, Mixed Metals, Semi-Precious, Bold and Dainty. You'll find a kidney wire style of closure on our Minimal Hoops

Curious to know the what makes each closure type unique? Let's dive in! 

Lever back - The lever back is sometimes referred to as the 'omega back', but we use the term lever back. This style of closure slips has two pieces that open and close. One pieces slides through your ear, and the other closes it shut. A lever back is tight and secure, so you can trust that these earrings will stay put all day long! 

What Is A Lever Back Earring Closure

Shown above : Glean earrings in sterling silver $52

Kidney Wire - This closure type is only found on our minimal hoops as these earrings are one continual pieces of wire (which is what makes them minimal!). The closure in this type of earring is also part of the earring it's self. A portion of the earring will slid through your ear to meet and closing loop on the backside. This closure type is nice and lightweight! 

What Is A Kidney Wire Earring Closure

Shown above : Minimal Small Hoop earrings in sterling silver $40 


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