Who is on your Christmas list this year? Your friend who lives for travel and adventure? Your super stylish BFF? Maybe your determined sister who is pursuing her passion? 

When it comes to gift-giving, we prefer the kind with just the right amount of style and thoughtfulness. This year in our Freshie & Zero handmade gift guide, we decided to highlight a few special pieces to make it easy for you to shop for the ladies in your life!

 Small Sail

Small Sail – a necklace for the adventure seeker. Each piece is small so they don't get in the way while rock climbing or parasailing.

 Many Moons

Many Moons – For the goal diggers and dream seekers! This is our favorite gift for graduation, but it's also a best seller year round!

 Stem Lariat

Stem Lariat – It's never a bad idea to dress things up a little. The chain on this one is super fun and sparkly - perfect for your next holiday party!

Everything you see here is handmade in our Nashville, Tennessee studio! Each piece comes inside a gift box and includes a little bio card about our jewelry studio. You truly are supporting creative dreamers when you buy handmade gifts from our shop! We also offer gift wrapping in three different colors, so you can check that off your list, too!