Custom boxes are here!

I've been in the planning process of custom boxes since May and they are finally realized! You may remember my post that was a cry for help in the design of the boxes. My current logo is great but it was a little too plain to get hot stamped in one color on a thousand boxes so Beth Howard came to the rescue with this design:

It was love at first sight. We tweaked the text a little to be more "pretty" and wire-like, and then I submitted it to the box company. Their printing specifications forced me to nix the ribbon-like aspect of the drawing, so the final design that went to print was this:

I was really hoping to get them in time for the Renegade Craft Fair but unfortunately, they were not shipping until the day we were leaving for Chicago. So my sweet husband got out my embossing powder, heat gun, and stamps and embossed 200 boxes for me. If that's not sexy, I don't know what is. What's even better is that he stamped about 500 gift bags for me with this very logo on them so I would have some representation of my new "alternative" logo at Renegade. That sweet, sweet, fabulous husband of mine.

Anyway, I saw the UPS man walking up to my door on Tuesday with a stack of boxes and it was like Christmas morning! I ran downstairs (not even caring that I was still in pajamas) and opened the door to greet him! I nervously opened up the boxes to see my custom gift boxes in all their glory:

custom boxes!
they kind of look like Wonka bars in this picture

ahh... fabulousness

They are hot stamped in a metallic light blue on chocolate brown. Now I just have to wait to go through the embossed gift boxes before I take these on the road with me. I am already using them on website orders, though, including one this weekend from a certain famous celebrity who I will not name here... but it was my first celebrity sale and I had to call my mom to tell her!

So much good news is going on in Freshie & Zero land right now - stay tuned for an even more exciting announcement in the next day or two!

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