Christmas Shipping Delays

Christmas Shipping Delays
post office delays 2020

The mail is a merry mess this Christmas. People are not visiting their family this year (Covid is the gift that keeps on giving) so they are shipping more than EVER BEFORE. We cut off our shipping 2 weeks before the USPS First Class deadline but we are watching our packages sit unscanned for days at a time. We hate it as much as you do!

I could not have said this any better, so I’m quoting my good friend Kate from Little Things Studio:

“If you’re just now turning on the internet, USPS is in total gridlock. Orders are up to 3-4 weeks delayed. It’s not good! I hate it. I’m so upset and shocked at how backed up they are. 😭

We are confident that your order will arrive to you. It’s just not going to be when we were all expecting and hoping for, much like all of 2020. And we are so so so thankful for you supporting our small business. We are honored and thankful y’all chose to shop with us for your gift giving. It’s truly such an honor to a part of your lives in this way.” 


USPS Delays - be nice to customer service!

The post office has stated that they remain committed to delivering the holidays this year. I still have hope that packages will still arrive before Christmas.

However, if they do not, I made a couple of cards for you in case you need them! One is printable and one is for emailing. It isn't Freshie & Zero specific - you can use it for any package that is delayed!

Shout out to this vintage Fisher Price mailman toy - it has become my USPS mascot this year.

Your package is late because 2020

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD 8.5 X 11 FOLDABLE, PRINTABLE CARD (once you print it, fold it in half twice to make a little card)


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