I need help! Some might call it a favor... I am going to get 1,000 custom jewelry boxes made (sounds fancy, doesn't it?) and I really need some creative input.

First – an aesthetic question: I can’t decide what ONE image to put on 1,000 boxes – the embossing stamps I am using now are flowers & birds but they aren’t really related to my jewelry - they're just cute. Then I thought about putting my logo on it but that won’t really work because they don’t recommend overlapping. I could just put the business name on it in a cute font but then that’s kind of boring. What kind of image says "Freshie & Zero"? What sort of image would you get excited about if someone handed you a jewelry box that had some Freshie & Zero jewelry inside? Is it a company name or is it a cute little drawing? I thought about my little hammer I drew (at top of blog) but then I thought - who wants a hammer on a jewelry box???

So basically - I'm open to designing help. When I say open to, I really mean begging for design help, and I'm not above a little bribery. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with, you know, making jewelry and stuff and I don't have the creative energy to create this fabulous new box image. IF you design something for me AND I use it on my boxes, I will give you a $75 gift certificate to http://www.freshieandzero.com/. Enticed? Keep reading!

Here are the specs:

The image will be going on a chocolate brown kraft box, measuring 3" x 2 1/8" on top. These are the boxes, to be exact. I would prefer the image to only be on one corner of the box. Here are the art requirements from the printer:

Art requirements for printing on pre-made products.
Send BLACK AND WHITE Camera Ready Art.
1. Vector files may be in color but will have to be converted to BW
2. Bitmapped files must be Black and White and at least 600 dpi and sized as closely as possible to your actual plate size. We
cannot enlarge art more than 150% without losing clarity around edges.
3. Please convert all text to outlines or curves.
4. Screens cannot be hot stamped or ink printed on pre-made bags or boxes.
5. In order to lessen fill-in problems do not send art with large solids, fine lines, fine
details, or overlapping images.
We recommend against large “reversed areas in the art”
6. Business cards and faxed copies are not acceptable.
7. Minimum line width 2 point.
8. Small text (10 pt or under) not recommended on hotstamp bags.
Special Considerations: The nature of Flexographic or Hot stamp Printing does not allow us to print heavy ink/foil coverage,
halftones or very fine or small details.
Accepted file formats: .psd, .pdf, .tif, .eps, .ai
Adobe Illustrator® EPS files
Art should be Vector (Illustrator .EPS or .AI) To prevent font problems convert all text to outlines. Select your type with the
Selection Tool, go under TYPE on menu to CREATE OUTLINES and click on that. Save the document as an eps. or an ai.
Include all linked images when emailing the file.
Adobe Photoshop® TIFF files
A SETTINGS menu will pop up before you begin to scan.
Make sure you scan with these settings:
Type: Line Art or Grayscale (Line Art or Bitmap images make smaller file sizes.)
Res: 600 dpi.
Scan original art close to the size of the plate you are purchasing from us.
Once the image has been scanned, check your art under the Photoshop® Menu under IMAGE – MODE should be Bitmap
(grayscale is acceptable but will have to be converted to bitmap). Under IMAGE SIZE check your Document Size in inches and
check your Resolution at pixels/inch. It should be 600 dpi.
Photoshop art that is too low a resolution will be choppy and rough around the edges.
Freehand® files are acceptable if exported as Illustrator EPS with text converted to paths. Include all linked images.
CorelDraw® files are acceptable. Convert type to curves. Save as Illustrator.ai Include all linked images.

freshie & zero logo

Above is my official logo just for a jumping off point, but I'm totally open to anything - as long as it's cute and classic! You may send questions or your images to freshie [at!] freshieandzero.com. PLEASE HELP! Thank you thank you!!!