Back from Vacay!

Greggles and I did a three day show in Knoxville, TN (the Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square) which rocked it out - it was much better than last year when the weather dipped below 45 for half of the show. This year it was just really windy and I fear that a few potters lost some items in the gusts. It's a fact of mother nature that has to be taken into account when you're setting up your craft show display, that's for certain. The wind was just really nerve wracking - every time a big gust would blow up you'd hear someone scream and then something break. Yikes. My jewelry blew around a lot but only one piece got broken and I'm pretty sure it's because someone stepped on it after it was blown off of my branches.
Dogwood Arts Festival Knoxville TN 2008

At the festival, I bought some amazing soap & body butter from Misty Mountain Soap and have been loving the body butter on my bit of sun burn that I picked up on our vacation to Holden beach, North Carolina. That's right - I said Vacay!!!

We spent 5 nights by the ocean with Greg's family and our house was right on the beach with a beautiful view. We took a day trip to Myrtle Beach, which was about an hour and half away where we enjoyed the tasty Hurricane pictured above and ate a smörgåsbord (that's blogger's translator kicking in) of fried shrimp which was excellent. Spending time with Greg's family was great, including being woken up our 3-year old nephew very early every day who loves to say "I awake!!!!" when he wakes up in the morning and "Surprise!!!!" when he greets us all after his nap.

We also got ample opportunity to make our niece Ella smile & laugh since she's generally pretty happy and easy going at 4 1/2 months old... Not to mention she's adorable!

Since we are newleyweds, I am still getting to know his parents and the rest of the fam. Luckily, they're all very fun to be around and I enjoyed a nice, relaxing week with my in-laws. Now it's back to the grindstone! I've got a bunch of web orders to fill plus more shows coming up! I foresee a week of little sleep...

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