The adventures of freshie & zero take us to The Girlie Show 2007 in Oklahoma City! Ten hours there and ten hours back... another long journey for Freshie & Zero, or should I say, Beth & Greggars? We listened to some David Sedaris, tried to listen to Stephen Colbert's new book on CD (put us both to sleep unfortunately), and learned that although Arkansas has bad roads, Oklahoma has worse ones. Fortunately, the gals at the Girlie Show know how to throw a rockin' craft show. It was held here at a neat old building formerly known as the Farmer's Market where they also apparently host boxing matches:

There was a line out the door starting at 5:30, and the show didn't open until 8:00! The decorations were really cute and girlie, of course, which I loved. The layout of the show was great, and it was pretty packed all night. I was a little afraid that the merry customers (a.k.a. wasted) were going to knock my tables over or spill a cocktail since they were setting their drinks down on top of my necklaces (that's a first!), but we got through the night without any mishaps.

we're safe behind the tables!

On Saturday, we listened to great music - if the Oh Johnny! Girls ever come to your town, I highly recommend going to see them! I even bought a special present for a special friend, but I must not reveal it until Christmas... mwa ha ha... We also ate at a yummy restaurant called Cafe Nova because when on the road, it's important to investigate the local cuisine... All in all it was a great show and I'm glad we were included!