Atlanta and New York have been accomplished!

Well, we did it! I knew we could do Atlanta since it was our third time (we're totally pros now), but New York was a first for us and I knew it would be a challenge. The funny thing was, loading in at the Javits Center in New York was super easy and they didn't charge us to use our own car like Atlanta does (ridiculous, right?). My brain is still fuzzy from the past few weeks, so I'll just post up some booth photos for now:

The finished Atlanta booth! We added the long skinny solid colored displays on the back wall to better showcase the lariats, and hung them at eye level.

This was close to the aisle so people could get a good glimpse, and of course walk right in! I taped our 8 x 10 press photos to the front of this desk, and because Cesar Milan is on the cover of one of the magazines, people kept thinking I was selling dog jewelry. It's just press, people!

15 days later we were off to New York! Here was our home sweet home for 6 nights - sharing a double bed was not conducive to fabulous sleeping, but at least the bed was comfy and the room was cute (the New Yorker hotel).

Our New York Gift Show Booth! I split the booth with Olaria studio - her beautiful handmade porcelain jewelry appeals to the same type of buyer, but is completely different than mine and therefore we felt like we were a good booth share match. The only problem with only having half a booth was that in order to squeeze in all of my styles, some of my jewelry was hung a little too high to see very well but it wasn't the end of the world.

Amy's jewelry - she also made those cool faux bois slabs to display her jewelry on!

I debuted these letterpressed earring cards in Atlanta and New York and they were a hit! I designed these and had them hand printed - they are completely custom including the shape and die cut holes. They are pretty pricey for me but if they skyrocket my earring sales like my retailers think they will, they will be so worth it!

This is one of MANY coat check stations at the Javits - amazing!

Now all I have to do is enter my orders and get back to jewelry making! We opened up new accounts in Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, South Carolina, Montana, New Jersey, and Connecticut to name a few! I will update my retailers page as the orders ship out so you will know where to find Freshie & Zero at a store near you (or your friends in other cities)!

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