Art Find: Photography by Erin Tyner

Wow - I am so impressed with this photographer. Her name is Erin Tyner and she has a blog and an etsy shop where you can purchase her prints. Apparently she has only just begun this miniature series and I can't wait to see how it progresses! I really want the swimmer series to frame and hang in my house, but alas, I'm on an art strike since I am currently procuring a painting by Butler Steltemeier and have used up my art budget for the spring. I only hope that she is still offering these prints in the summer, closer to my birthday... (hint hint)

Anyway, I have an extensive background in photography myself (before the digital age so I'm certainly no pro with a digital camera) so I'm not usually drawn to photography unless it's totally unique or sets a stage of something I could never imagine doing (much like one of my favorites Cindy Sherman). These photographs are certainly examples of that. She uses miniature train model figures that are approximately one inch tall, then sets a little stage for them and the end result is a dreamlike yet familiar scene. I think I'm not the only one who has found her new series - she has sold about 95 prints on etsy since the beginning of February (that's only 5 weeks folks)! WOW! Watch out for this one - she's sure to be an etsy superstar!

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