Anika Easter

I found Anika Easter's shop while stumbling through etsy. I am loving this painting:

It's a 30" x 30" and it's already framed! It's so hard to find big, quality artwork on etsy that isn't thousands of dollars, and this is definitely a winner in that department. I think it would look very nice in my dining room... I have an art addition, in case you didn't know. Everyone who visits my house is always taken aback by how much art and screen printed posters I have, and not just tacked up but framed. That's what happens when you major in art and then work in a gallery/frame shop for the next 9 years!

Anyway, back to Ms. Anika - she has many other lovely things in her etsy shop, or you can see her website here. She also has a line of frames made from reclaimed wood and designs clothing! Here's another of my favorites and you must read the description! It's subtly interactive!

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