Ah, the glamour of craft shows...

So we're back from the Germantown Festival and it was hot hot hot and then wet hot wet. The best part about doing this show was that I got to try out my new tablecloths, made by Beth Howard and they look awesome! The saddest part was watching mud get splattered on them when the rain was dripping heavily off of our tent. :( (but they're all clean now)

The first day, it rained early in the morning, so when the sun came out it was muggy and sticky, quite like a sauna. Of course there was the usual crafter grumbling that they were having bad days, but my day was fine. This is one of the very few shows I have done for two years in a row, and it was nice when customers would run up to the booth, super excited that they found me, and telling me they were so happy I came back! That certainly is good for morale when my body feels a bit wilted.

Then.... it rained. But really, it only poured through the night and mostly in the morning of day 2 when we were setting up. I was feeling pretty low since my tent has a little leakage problem and it kept dripping on us as we were trying to dry the cases and put out the jewelry. But, it was mostly disappointing because soooo many crafters had packed up and left! They gave up on six hours of selling because of a little rain! And poo poo on them because the rain let up right as the show started and we had another successful day.

The view from our tent day 1:
Notice there are several booths, including my neighbor who was selling "spirit hair". Yes, you read that right - colored human hair that you can put in your own to match your school or favorite sports team. And that's all I have to say about that.

The same view day 2:
The rain scared off a lot of vendors around me: spirit hair girls were gone, a potter from Oklahoma, a guy selling pet i.d. tags and pet hats (which was really odd since Sunday is this big dachshund race, "the running of the weenies", that brings out tons of little dogs whose owners would buy little hats for them. I was really surprised that so many people left, and that the festival officials didn't try and stop them or threaten them (like saying they wouldn't be allowed back next year - a threat that is rarely followed up on anyway).

Here comes the big scary cloud, but we're still in the sunshine. This big nasty cumulonimbus (ooh! big vocab word!) passed us over for the most part at the end of the first day.

A little puddle was all that remained of the nasty overnight storm. Since Tennessee is in a drought, the ground just sucked up all the water.

If you want to see all of the photos from the Germantown Festival, you may view my set at Flicker here.

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