A casual camper weekend (with our new jewelry!)

Is it spring yet?

The weather is starting to show signs of spring, and I'm so ready for it! A couple of weeks ago, the skies were dreary but the temperature warmed up just in time for our first photo shoot of 2016. I teamed up with my photographer friend, Sarah Beaty, to shoot some modeled photos of my newest jewelry pieces. I cannot wait to get her finished photos back, but in the meantime I couldn't resist sharing some of the behind-the-scenes photos I took.

We had so much fun photographing our gorgeous models Penny and Tiffany in this uber cool Airbnb Camper in East Nashville. Just take a look! It was such a unique location, pure Pinterest heaven. I mean, there was literally a bath house with a claw foot tub next to an honest-to-goodness camper. Everyone on the shoot could not stop taking photos!

(Hair and makeup by my good friend Kelley Kirker.)

Great, right? *swoon*

I can't wait to get these photos and the new pieces up on our website! The new jewelry is scheduled to launch in a week or two, right before our 10th Anniversary month begins! The photos will also be dropped into our 2016 wholesale catalog - if you are a retailer and would like to be mailed a catalog when it is ready, leave a comment to let us know. ◁

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