Freshie & Zero How To Organize Your Jewelry

7 ways to re-organize your jewelry at home

1. Push Pins : We're partial to this idea because it's really simple, doesn't require any kind of DIY magic or spending lots of money. Simple press push pins into a wall or cork board and hang your necklaces, earrings and bracelets from them! ( love those necklaces? You can shop the cartwheel here and the large many moons here and the triple mini chevron here )

2. A Thread Rack : Do you have lots and lots of jewelry? Then this thread rack might the be one for you. It too is budget friendly and will allow you to store lots and lots of jewelry in a small space.  

3. Buy Something Artsy : If you're looking for something that will mimic a piece of art work, opt for something like this driftwood. It's almost too pretty to store your jewelry on! 

4. Rummage Through Grandmas Stuff : Maybe grandma has some vintage milk glass hanging around!?! It makes for vanity ready storage pieces. Simply fill each vessel, or drape jewelry from each piece. 

5. Buy Something Sparkly : If you're in the mood to fancy up your jewelry storage, buy something sparkly like this tiered stand. 

6. Use Clothespins : If your DIY game is nice and strong, try DIYing this clothespin board.

7. Make Your Hangers Work : With a few little tweaks to a clothes hanger, you can have a jewelry storage option that fits right into your closet! 

Freshie & Zero How To Organize Your Jewelry