5 bridal gifts under $60

Bridal shower season is upon us! If you're anything like me (face it, you are!), then you're on the hunt for something sentimental to gift at the bridal showers you attend. There's nothing wrong with gifting off of the registry, but gifting something pretty is way more fun! 

It's probably no surprise that I gift a little Freshie & Zero so I thought it'd be fun to share my favorite bridal gifts all under $60! 


5 Bridal Gifts Under $60

1. Knot necklace in sterling silver - This is the perfect gift for a bride or bridesmaid - it's a beautiful necklace they will actually want to wear after the wedding!

2. Sisters necklace in sterling silverThere is such a complex and beautiful bond of sisterhood - whether she's covertly wearing your favorite sweater or you're rolling your eyes at her taste in music, you love each other through thick and thin (and all their breakups!).

3. Soar earrings - Each earring is unique! Update your traditional pearl studs with our freshwater pearl earrings. 

4. Audrey earrings - for an elegant take on pearls without being too traditional (do you see a theme here?), these earrings are graceful and perfect for a bride. Available in gold or silver in your choice of grey pearls or white pearls. Or go even more non-traditional with a minty green jade stone!

5. Love Keepsake Jewelry Dish - A delicately hand shaped ceramic trinket tray for your sentimental pieces of jewelry. In collaboration with Christina Cohn, our love trinket tray is hand formed and painted with 22k gold leaf. Each one is handmade in Nashville and no two are alike!