Lariats are unique because they don't have a traditional clasp closure. Instead, lariats are looped, hung or tied. They are not only super easy to take on and off unlike a necklace with a traditional clasp, they are effortlessly stylish!

You might have seen some of our new lariats popping up around the web, like in our blog post explaining the Freshie & Zero chain types, or maybe you caught a sneak peek on Instagram! Now that we've officially launched our fall collection, it's time to dish about 4 of our new lariats you'll love. 

Freshie & Zero lariats to fall in love with right now! 

1. Antique Pivot Lariat - When you're ready to add some edge your jewelry routine, our Antique Pivot lariat will do the trick. The combination of two black obtuse triangles hanging on an eye-catching gold filled chain make this piece a modern staple. Also, how fierce does this black and gold geometric lariat look with a black leather jacket? 

4 Freshie & Zero Lariats To Love This Fall

2. Glean Lariat - Dramatic gold filled teardrop pendants drape to form this modern lariat. The soft and feminine shape will take you from day to night. We make each piece in either sterling silver or gold filled metals. You'll love it because it's an elegant spin on minimalist jewelry.

4 Freshie & Zero Lariats To Love This Fall

3. Apex Lariat - Triangle pendants are a fresh and fun way to incorporate minimal jewelry into your collection. Our Apex Lariat is hammered into shape with dramatic angles for a chic statement. The playful movement in this modern geometric lariat make it a versatile staple that every gal needs - especially when you need to jazz up your little black dress! Each necklace is hand formed and hammered in our Nashville studio. 

Handmade Apex Triangle Lariat

4. Sparky Pivot Lariat - This one is a customer favorite when we take it to shows! We hand shape each geometric triangle with gold filled wire and then hammer it. Next we attach it to a sparkling 24" sterling silver chain. It definitely gets "oohs and aahs" when people see it in person! This minimalist lariat in gold and silver would make a great gift for your wife or girlfriend because it's definitely unlike anything they own!

Silver and Gold Modern Minimalist Handmade Lariat

Which lariat would you love to add to your collection? Leave a comment below letting us know!