Halloween is here! Do you dress up for work or not? We've got 3 simple outfits you can put together in ten minutes or less. 

3 Last Minute Halloween Ideas Peacock Mask

3 Simply Stylish Halloween Outfits For Work

1. A Festive Mask (like our Freshie & Zero Model) - this is hands down the easiest thing you can grab as you head out the door to work, all while still participating in the Halloween spirit. time: 0 minutes

2. Black Eyeliner Costume Ideas - Follow these easy makeup steps and you'll have a cute cat face or spooky cobweb, perfect to wear at work. time: 5 minutes

3. Rock a rockabilly bandana - Pull your hair back, tie a scarf around your head and go for a retro look! time: 10 minutes

I am fulfilling a long-held dream to dress up as a Gryffindor for Halloween this year (yay!), but I haven't decided if I'll wear my robe and tie to work so I may try my skills at that retro hair tutorial! Are you wearing a costume to work on Halloween?